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Join the Hope Society

Would you like to significantly impact the lives of abused and neglected children? Join CASA’s Hope Society for monthly giving and you’ll do just that. The Hope Society is a group of individuals who have committed to making an ongoing financial investment in our program’s success, and therefore the futures of the kids we serve.

When you contribute to CASA each month, you will help to provide a consistent, caring presence; a friend and advocate who will visit a child regularly and keep the system accountable to his or her needs.









By Joining CASA's Hope Society you will:

  • Provide ongoing support and allow CASA to plan expenses more effectively.
  • Receive fewer mailings, which saves money that can instead be directed to programming.
  • Achieve convenience and better manage your personal giving.

Hope Society members give a minimum of $25 a month, but may choose to set their own gift amount.
Suggested levels are as follows:

  $25 a month
  will support collaboration with a child's teacher in order to
  address educational needs and promote grade improvement.
  $50 a month
  will allow CASA to assess the appropriateness and progress of a
  child's play therapy, mental health services and medical treatments.
  $100 a month
  will support advocacy efforts for a child to gain access to
  specialized therapeutic programs or facilities.

Becoming a member is easy. Simply donate online and set up your giving schedule. Be sure to select ‘Hope Society’ from the drop-down donation type menu and then select 'Make My Gift Monthly'. To set up your giving through bank withdrawal, please contact CASA.

Thank you. CASA looks forward to welcoming you into this select group of donors.

For more information:
Alyssa Perbeck
Resource Development Director

James & Betsy Bautz
Robert &Deanna Belt
Maggie Bessenbacher
Aaron & Michelle Blush
Brad Boejhaar

Amy & Eric Boydston
Tracy Brennan                        Chris & Rhonda Bromley
Brenda Brown
Zachery & Hannah Brown
Jackie Caldwell
Alan & Kelly Clayton

Jason & Stephanie Cole
John & Kerry Cosgrove
Charlie & Cindy Crooks
Ellen and Paul Cugno

Michael & Emily Dalbom
Bill Dammann

Sherri Dean
Jason & Erin Dedrickson
Enid & Jim Dickson
Kathryn & David Dingley

Shannon Doser                           
Chris & Erika Downey
Tim & Carol Dykman
Kent & Amy Fincham
Cody & Stephanie Fisher 
Amy Fowler
Tom and Kathleen Gallagher
Amy Guion
Linda Helling
Jason & Barb Hendricks

Anne & J.B. Hodgon*
George &Stephanie Holland
Todd & Katherine Holm
Pamela Johnson                Shannon & Jeff Johnson
Abigail Jones
Judith Joss
Stephanie Kamphoefner
Anne & Bruce Keil                Debbie Kirschner
Lloyd & Beth Koelker
Kelly & Scott Krehbiel
Christine LaHood
Derek Lane
Bob & Jane Lang*                    Angie
Gabriela Lima
Amy & Rick Lockton                Janet Long
Anita Magrino
heryl  & Tom Matthews  
Jeff & Maureen McAarney
Dennis & Cheryl McCarthy
Thomas McChesney

Lindsey & Ryan McDonald
Suzanne & Kelly McNair
Pam McNicoll

Cindy & Larry Meeker*
Robert Meyers
Kamron & Rachael Miller
Betsy Montolio
Cindy Neighbor
Hollie Niblett

Janet Novin*
Vanessa Nyhus
Jane Olson

Alyssa & Jason Perbeck
JC & Danielle Pfeister
Tim & Jill Phillips
Allison Porter

Annetta & Louis Potts              Kristi Puder
Neva Reid
Pam & Dion Reihs

Lois & Chuck Rice                  Marty Richards
Mary Roberts
Stacy & Patrick Roberts 
Koren & Bill Roland 
Brenda Roth

Maria Rovirosa
Julia Scrammahorn
Jackie Shaver
Linda & Jeff Shelly
Gretchen Sherk
Candace Shockey
Diane & Craig Smith
Ellen & Roger Sommi*
Gale Marks Spear
Kathy St. Clair
Jan & Keith Stanley
Shannon & Conrad              
Jim & Judy Sylte
Delia Tankard
Di & Greg Topjon
Brandy Vandiver
Michael & Shanelle Varone
Lanette Wickham
Karen Wilkins
Gail & Len Williams
Denise Willsey
Faith Wilson
John & Carol Yorke

Penny Zadeh


*denotes annual members